A start

A recent guest suggested I start a blog, which I had thought about off and on but this last nudge pushed me over the edge….might be quite a lot of boring stuff, in which case you don’t have to read it!

Today it’s a good excuse to sit in front of the air conditioning. It’s cooled off a little since yesterday – after a week of above 40C temps (that’s over 100 F), today it’s only in the high  30s – just peeking under the 100 F. The dogs are flaked out on the floor just inside the front door, which at least stops the Willy Wagtails from stressing out about them outside near the two new fledglings they’re feeding.

While bushfires have been (and still are) a major concern in many parts of Victoria, we’ve been lucky – although last night the smoke from both the Benambra fires and the one at Jingellic did finally impact here with the smell and haze. We’re in no danger. It does make the washing smell a bit smoky though, so another good excuse not to do that yet!

I might go and pinch another homemade raw organic chocolate from my fridge….but I used up the last of my ingredients making this batch so need to eke it out until I can get some more….can’t be without chocolate, that’s just not right.

I still have a bit more work to do before tea time when it’ll cool off enough to water the garden – until dark anyway, after that I’m not too sure about the location of tiger snakes so all walking outside on the grass stops until daylight 🙂