The joys of sheep

I love my sheep. Really. I do. I have a small flock of Wiltshires, numbering around two dozen at the moment. These sheep don’t need shearing or crutching and don’t get fly blown….otherwise they can be just as annoying as any other type of sheep.

Currently the deer that became residents in my paddocks over winter are consuming the summer feed that the sheep would normally enjoy. Consequently I have opened up the laneway so the sheep have more feed, lots of it actually, and a fresh water tub right near their shady area. You’d think they’d be grateful. Helpful even. This is, after all, an inconvenience for me, because I now have to stop and open a gate every time I leave the property and when I return. As do visitors.

Unfortunately these same sheep have discovered the joys of  dropped fruit from my nectarine and plum trees (thank you again birds). This means the minute I open the gate to drive through it they’re racing through it to get back to the fruit trees, in the paddock with no other feed. It’s hot work in 40 plus temperatures chasing sheep out of paddocks and back into the laneway, especially ones that don’t really know what’s best for them.

So, my decision today is to find some ringlock (wire fencing) and block off my house yard so the sheep can move down the lane and around the house and hopefully be content! I feel what will happen is they’ll get divided and spend the entire night calling to each other to make sure they’re not lost….I do love the sounds of nature in the mountains. Really. I do.