I’m reminded of one of my favourite childhood books….’I sat by the lake and looked at the sky and as I looked a fly went by…’
Except in my case I’m sitting by a dam on my verandah, and I’m watching a bird….

It amazes me the number of birds I have visiting around my home. In just a half hour I watched blue wrens, willy wagtails, honey eaters, goldfinches, parrots, sparrows, starlings, crows, and magpies. That’s not counting the kookaburras that start laughing about 5.30am, and the hawk that I watched get chased away by two very attentive wagtail parents! Others birds come and go seasonally, but often, galahs, cockatoos, leatherheads, bush pigeons, thrushes, and more, and often I see wedge tail eagles catching the thermals above our paddocks.

I think part of the attraction to the birdlife in my yard is the abundance of small bushes for them to nest in and also the ‘natural’ lawn area. Some might say my lawn is just full of weeds, and technically it is because I don’t spray anything and don’t often get around to digging much out. The birds, however, seem to love the variety of seeds the weeds bring, so I’m happy to grow some for them – in balance of course, I do like a nice soft green lawn to walk over. This is a challenge at this time of year where a large part of my evening is spent watering the vegie garden and lawn to provide a green band for the birds, for a firebreak, because it’s cooler, and just because I like it.

This morning I woke to an awesom thunderstorm, I went outside at 5.45am to watch the lightning and rolling grey clouds tumble above the house and out on the mountains. Now it’s actually been raining! Yay! There’s water running into my water tank again and the whole garden is looking refreshed. This reprieve is only supposed to last today so I’m hoping the birds make the most of it.


2013-11-25 17.38.06-1