We all take so many things for granted, even those of us that try to be grateful every day for what we have. It’s not until there’s a problem that you realise how much your life revolves around the ‘simple’ things, like eyesight.

I woke up early Saturday with an eye irritation/infection and had to remove my contact lenses until it cleared up. I haven’t needed to use glasses for three years, consequently my old glasses weren’t really up to the job anymore. Although by squinting I was able to use my phone and read emails and facebook, but no computer. So my list of tasks I’d assigned myself for the Australia Day long weekend was drastically altered…..from: write daily blog, finalise a couple of contract websites, transcribe some oral history interviews, and assemble family history info ready for reunion in 2 weeks time….to: sit on the verandah in the most gorgeous weather and read mindless fantasy from my kindle (large print).

Sometimes when we’re not listening to our inner selves about the need to rest something happens to ensure we do…..I had a wonderfully relaxed weekend, if not somewhat frustrating.

It’s a whole different world to look at when everything is fuzzy. I watched birds but couldn’t tell if they were wrens or sparrows, crows or magpies. I watched cars go by on the road but couldn’t identify the police cars from the other 4WD vehicles, it felt a bit like when I was staying in the US and couldn’t identify the birds or stars….in a different world for a while 🙂

In my garden I was still able to notice the sunflowers had started to flower, and could still identify which leaves to pick for my morning omelette!

Now, back to work…..