Trees are an amazing part of nature.  They bend they break they’re lashed by storms, seared by heat, eaten by grazing animals, yet they still push upwards, flourish, and flower…..well, the survivors do. I was looking at the trees around my house today. We’re in the middle of a very hot Summer, and the shade the trees give makes an enormous difference to the temperature around the house. Not that gum trees are renowned for shade, it’s always dappled not solid, but it still stops the constant heat from the sun. I do love gum trees, they are all uniquely shaped, with different personalities – and yes, I have been known to talk to the trees 🙂

2014-01-31 08.35.18                2014-01-31 08.36.27


2014-01-31 08.35.46

Then there’s the beautiful crepe myrtles that flower when the rest of the garden seems to be getting singed by the heat. The Wagtail family reared their two chicks from a beautifully neat and comfortable looking nest within the crepe myrtle’s branches. The lining of the nest consisted of the bits of wool that the sheep have happily provided via their self-shedding process in the earlier months. Having finished their accommodation duties, the bushes are now a veritable delicatessen for the myriad of bees that have descended on them. Making a soft buzzing noise in the otherwise silent heat. There’s another two bushes either side of the gateway into our property and I love driving through them every time I go into or out of town.

2014-01-31 08.34.45