On a gorgeous weekend in Winter

Last week we had abnormally warm weather for a few days – often a sign of impending snowy weather, and sure enough Friday saw snow laying very close by. This was much appreciated by my B&B guests who had arrived from Sydney for some snowboarding! Very appreciative of the heating in the bedrooms, electric blankets on the beds, and a full cooked breakfast at 6.30am before they left for another day on the snow. Yesterday was magnificent for a day in the snow (or at the football, where our team had a great win!), and today looks identical….heavy frost then glorious sunshine. Unfortunately the bird bath is still frozen solid from yesterday though!

2014-08-03 10.46.26 2014-08-03 10.46.43

I drove to Beechworth in yesterday’s sunshine for a day practising Qi Gong with Master QiGong teacher Simon Blow from Sydney. A lovely peaceful day with some beautiful people…..meditating, breathing, moving, after driving through the incredibly picturesque mountains and valleys around the North East of Victoria.

Today would be a great day to get into the garden, however I MUST lock myself into my office and do some paperwork 🙁 I do keep getting sidetracked by our plans for our Craft Getaway Weekend instead though….Michelle has now put up some details about the craft side of the venture, and we would love some feedback to help with the planning!

Hope your day is magnificent, no matter what you’re doing 🙂