Musings on what seems simple to some

My life has been very full lately, but it’s great to have so many choices in life about how to spend my time! Family, farm, b&b, business, friends…


Today though it was my passion for the past couple of years of using and promoting doTERRA Essential Oils, when new exciting products were added to the range….and it got me thinking….


I remember one of my sons as a teenager asking me about the cost of buying a house versus renting one. This was at a time when many of his peers were moving away for apprenticeships or work or study purposes and often would rent a house together and all put in equal money to pay the rent and running costs.

It didn’t take much for him to say ‘so if I buy a house, then get 3 of my friends to share it and pay me rent I’d have enough to pay off my house and not be paying anymore than I would if I was sharing somebody else’s house?’ Yes. Correct.

His answer to that was ‘but then why doesn’t everybody do that?’

It’s a good question. It’s the same question I remember asking the first time I came across Network Marketing 30 years ago. I buy products that I use, I tell friends about them, they join and buy products, I get commissions, and numbers-wise it builds a passive income.

I’ve looked into various companies over the years, that sell via network marketing and they all have drawbacks, the sort that has given the industry a bad name over the last few decades. Not product focused, pressure to sell, expensive memberships, exclusive territories, company ‘American’ hype…but I’ve still liked the theory, because when I like a product I always tell my friends and family about it, and why should all the profits of products go to the advertising industry?

Then along came doTERRA. A company founded in 2008 whose early mission included wanting to change the culture of network marketing to something ethical. A complete product based business – sourced worldwide from over 40 countries, with no need to sell retail, no geographical boundaries, an incredibly generous commission structure, the possibility of fast rank advancement AND that is also an ethical company, with sustainably sourced products THAT WORK!


So I’m back to the question: ‘Why doesn’t everybody join and use these products?’ I guess it’s the same answer I gave my son years ago,

‘because not everybody can see an opportunity nor have the commitment to do it’.

I didn’t mean for this post to be a promotion for my business, but if you’re looking for any of these things then this is the best business I’ve come across that ticks all the boxes:

  1. A way to supplement your family income by using superior natural products within your normal household budget;
  2. A business to replace full time family income;
  3. A way to get debt-free;
  4. Natural products that produce amazing results very quickly;

If you’ve got leadership, organisational, and people skills, then I’ve got a vacancy for you in my team! You’ll get support and mentoring from me 24/7….and if you just want to use great products and get them at wholesale prices then I’ve also got room in my team for you, and you also get 24/7 support 🙂


P.S. Did I mention these oils are also amazing for flavouring my homemade raw organic chocolates?