We all need to take back our Power!

Responsibility of any sort should start with being responsible for our own health and wellbeing.

We have created a culture whereby we look for someone else to fix things…we go to the doctor and want him to fix us. How often do you hear people say ‘my doctor’s trying this’. Instead of ‘I’m making changes to my daily life because my body was telling me I needed to’.

Our bodies talk to us all the time, daily, in a million different ways. There was an ad years ago for headache tablets that said ‘pain is nature’s warning’ unfortunately it followed with ‘if pain persists see your doctor’. ‘Your’ doctor. We’ve created a system where we’re so dependent on the ‘health’ system telling us what we need that we’ve got a personal relationship with the local GP ….or in some cases it’s ‘my specialist said…’

There is a time for going to the doctors, but instead of it being for the 10% of times that we need trained help, we’ve let it become 90% of the time we feel anything is not right in our bodies but we want somebody else to fix our lifestyle mistakes.

We need to truly listen to our bodies and make the changes they suggest. Learn the language your body speaks. Use movement to find your body’s way to be the most optimal it can be. There are so many small things we can tweak in our lives with natural systems ourselves. Be aware. Listen. Be empowered and take your power back.


Photo by Shauna Eldridge
Photo by Shauna Eldridge

The fast pace of life

I hear so many people say they don’t have enough hours in the day to do the things they want to do. Yet we all have the same 24hrs, it’s just what we do with those hours. I think it myself sometimes, so many things to fit in, to do, to be at, to organise, to sort out….. and yet I’m lucky enough to be a stage in my life that’s not nearly as hectic as it used to be.

I remember a decade or 2 ago I had 3 boys at school, aged 8, 10 & 12; I was working across 3 different jobs, totalling 35hrs/wk; I had a husband with issues that meant he had just been medically retired from work, making my income the main one; we ran a farm and tourism business, for which I did all the bookwork and organising; I was on the school parents committee, education board, and founding member of the local motorcross club….and I decided to go to uni and do a Library & Information Science degree part time by distance education (supposed to take 6 years, I did it in 3.5 because I set a goal to finish it before I was 40 – last exam was the morning of my 40th birthday!). Despite how busy those 4 years were I still think the busiest period of my lifeĀ  was in the years when I had 3 small boys at home and was supposedly a ‘housewife’ only.

I look back now and think it’s easy to blame our lack of time when we’re not really motivated, passionate, or committed to something. But when we ARE – WOW! Look at what can be accomplished! Our ‘smartphones’ are probably the biggest time waster we have, but if we put them to work for us instead of against us, then we can have our cake and eat it too!

And I do like cake….