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This season we seem to be having larger numbers than usual of mosquitoes, due no doubt to the wet winter and spring we’ve come through. At my place that means using my doTERRA oils that keep them away from me, or if I do get bitten it takes the itch out and I believe possibly neutralises the toxins they may or may not have. The point is that I take action on what’s best for myself and my body. The power of personal choice cannot be overemphasised.

I heard very disturbing news yesterday. The large regional towns just down the river from us have ‘received funding to spray for mosquitoes’. This to me is horrifying. It often scares me how much power the big chemical companies, such as Monsanto, have. Now our governments are spending money paying said companies to provide widespread formulas to poison entire districts.

I know this happens already in Thailand and Bali – mainly due to the Tourists not coming if there’s too many mosquitoes, although the excuse is because of Denghe Fever, and recently I also found out they’re doing it on our Gold Coast. We’re in pristine country, the Murray River food bowl area. What happens to organic producers in these areas when governments think it’s ok to poison everything?

What about the eco-system? It’s such a fragile thing.  Do scientists really believe they totally understand how it works? I don’t use sprays around my house. I have spiders, I have frogs, I have small birds. I watched a frog eat a mosquito this morning. I have more spiderwebs than usual at the moment because they’re catering to the large numbers of mosquitoes. The little fairy wrens love all insects. I’m sure they’ve cut my mosquito population down.

Our society as whole has to get over this fixation on destruction of anything that annoys us. Build up the immunity of communities to withstand the viruses carried by a very small population of mosquitoes. Use essential oils to help combat those viruses. Look for other answers. Don’t immediately move to bomb the @#$@ out of everything. I don’t want poison on myself or my food, total genocide of any population is not acceptable, it just highlights our ignorance.



Spring is here

Spring has definitely hit us now – days of gorgeous sunshine, blue skies, blossom and bees. It’s so restful just sitting on the verandah with a cup of tea for a few minutes in the morning and listening to the birds busily flitting around and feeding babies. Only a few minutes unfortunately because this is a time of busy-ness for humans as well! The lawn grows so fast it needs cutting every week and the weeds are just as excited as the rising bulbs are to emerge and reach for the sun. It’s a great grounding experience, sitting and weeding, running my hands through the dirt to get as many of the bits of kikuyu out of the garden bed before planting petunias. I feel truly blessed that I’m able to do that and enjoy getting dirty 🙂

2014-09-21 14.52.41 copy

2014-09-12 08.48.13 copy 

2014-09-12 08.48.05 copy

2014-09-12 08.47.55 copy 


2014-09-12 08.47.27 copy 

2014-09-12 08.46.30 copy

If there wasn’t such an urgency in the back of my mind I could just do a little bit now and then when I can fit it in….but not only does the Spring weather insist on it being done now, so too does the looming date of my son’s wedding. Now less than a mere 3 weeks from taking place in my garden! I’m so excited and thrilled that they’re getting married here….but my plans of a few months back are starting to get cut back to reality. I’ve decided I like weeds in my lawn, they make it more interesting and more attractive for birds, and mulch can cover anything! My mantra for the past week has been ‘I can do ANYTHING, but I can’t do EVERYTHING’. It will be gorgeous and special regardless and I’m determined to be stress-free about it all and enjoy the whole process. So, as much as I love having visitors to my B&B and cottage, I have blocked out the next few weeks so I can concentrate on other matters!

I’m also excited to now be a Wellness Consultant with doTERRA . This is a wonderful range of Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential oils that amaze me with their potency and effects. If you’d like me to share more information on them then just ask! Or click here.

doterra stall



Trees are an amazing part of nature.  They bend they break they’re lashed by storms, seared by heat, eaten by grazing animals, yet they still push upwards, flourish, and flower…..well, the survivors do. I was looking at the trees around my house today. We’re in the middle of a very hot Summer, and the shade the trees give makes an enormous difference to the temperature around the house. Not that gum trees are renowned for shade, it’s always dappled not solid, but it still stops the constant heat from the sun. I do love gum trees, they are all uniquely shaped, with different personalities – and yes, I have been known to talk to the trees 🙂

2014-01-31 08.35.18                2014-01-31 08.36.27


2014-01-31 08.35.46

Then there’s the beautiful crepe myrtles that flower when the rest of the garden seems to be getting singed by the heat. The Wagtail family reared their two chicks from a beautifully neat and comfortable looking nest within the crepe myrtle’s branches. The lining of the nest consisted of the bits of wool that the sheep have happily provided via their self-shedding process in the earlier months. Having finished their accommodation duties, the bushes are now a veritable delicatessen for the myriad of bees that have descended on them. Making a soft buzzing noise in the otherwise silent heat. There’s another two bushes either side of the gateway into our property and I love driving through them every time I go into or out of town.

2014-01-31 08.34.45


I’m reminded of one of my favourite childhood books….’I sat by the lake and looked at the sky and as I looked a fly went by…’
Except in my case I’m sitting by a dam on my verandah, and I’m watching a bird….

It amazes me the number of birds I have visiting around my home. In just a half hour I watched blue wrens, willy wagtails, honey eaters, goldfinches, parrots, sparrows, starlings, crows, and magpies. That’s not counting the kookaburras that start laughing about 5.30am, and the hawk that I watched get chased away by two very attentive wagtail parents! Others birds come and go seasonally, but often, galahs, cockatoos, leatherheads, bush pigeons, thrushes, and more, and often I see wedge tail eagles catching the thermals above our paddocks.

I think part of the attraction to the birdlife in my yard is the abundance of small bushes for them to nest in and also the ‘natural’ lawn area. Some might say my lawn is just full of weeds, and technically it is because I don’t spray anything and don’t often get around to digging much out. The birds, however, seem to love the variety of seeds the weeds bring, so I’m happy to grow some for them – in balance of course, I do like a nice soft green lawn to walk over. This is a challenge at this time of year where a large part of my evening is spent watering the vegie garden and lawn to provide a green band for the birds, for a firebreak, because it’s cooler, and just because I like it.

This morning I woke to an awesom thunderstorm, I went outside at 5.45am to watch the lightning and rolling grey clouds tumble above the house and out on the mountains. Now it’s actually been raining! Yay! There’s water running into my water tank again and the whole garden is looking refreshed. This reprieve is only supposed to last today so I’m hoping the birds make the most of it.


2013-11-25 17.38.06-1