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Bare feet sensations

I feel sorry for people who aren’t able to walk around in bare feet – for whatever reason. Maybe I’m just very tactile, but part of the anticipation of washing the floor today was the thought of how nice it would be when I’d finished and I could walk across the timber floors in my barefeet. As a bonus today there was a strong breeze blowing that made sure the floors dried really quickly. The dust will have settled on them again by tomorrow but in the meantime I can enjoy the soft feel of the smooth wood against my calloused feet.

My feet enjoy all sorts of surfaces, if there’s not a valid reason for footwear then I’ll always choose to wear none. There’s one particular patch of the lawn that has soft cool clover with no prickles, it’s particularly nice to stand on during the hot days when it’s in the shade. You can’t get much more connected to nature than standing in bare feet on soft green grass….or in the mud.

When we’re blessed with rain – as we were yesterday for a change – then it’s lovely to walk in the mud and squeeze it between your toes.

I even have a very strong memory as a young girl – maybe 8 years old – visiting a friend on a farm and she introduced me to the feel of fresh green sloppy cow manure oozing between my toes. I don’t think her mother was terribly impressed when we washed it off at the back door of her house though! I’ve been living on a farm now for thirty years and I’ve never felt the need to re-experience that particular sensation 🙂

I’m not much of a beach person, but when I do go to the beach I walk along the edge of the water and often just stand still and let the waves dig  my feet further into the sand. It’s a very peaceful feeling.

Clean floors, soft grass, wet sand and cool mud should all be enjoyed by barefeet as often as possible.

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