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This season we seem to be having larger numbers than usual of mosquitoes, due no doubt to the wet winter and spring we’ve come through. At my place that means using my doTERRA oils that keep them away from me, or if I do get bitten it takes the itch out and I believe possibly neutralises the toxins they may or may not have. The point is that I take action on what’s best for myself and my body. The power of personal choice cannot be overemphasised.

I heard very disturbing news yesterday. The large regional towns just down the river from us have ‘received funding to spray for mosquitoes’. This to me is horrifying. It often scares me how much power the big chemical companies, such as Monsanto, have. Now our governments are spending money paying said companies to provide widespread formulas to poison entire districts.

I know this happens already in Thailand and Bali – mainly due to the Tourists not coming if there’s too many mosquitoes, although the excuse is because of Denghe Fever, and recently I also found out they’re doing it on our Gold Coast. We’re in pristine country, the Murray River food bowl area. What happens to organic producers in these areas when governments think it’s ok to poison everything?

What about the eco-system? It’s such a fragile thing.  Do scientists really believe they totally understand how it works? I don’t use sprays around my house. I have spiders, I have frogs, I have small birds. I watched a frog eat a mosquito this morning. I have more spiderwebs than usual at the moment because they’re catering to the large numbers of mosquitoes. The little fairy wrens love all insects. I’m sure they’ve cut my mosquito population down.

Our society as whole has to get over this fixation on destruction of anything that annoys us. Build up the immunity of communities to withstand the viruses carried by a very small population of mosquitoes. Use essential oils to help combat those viruses. Look for other answers. Don’t immediately move to bomb the @#$@ out of everything. I don’t want poison on myself or my food, total genocide of any population is not acceptable, it just highlights our ignorance.