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We all need to take back our Power!

Responsibility of any sort should start with being responsible for our own health and wellbeing.

We have created a culture whereby we look for someone else to fix things…we go to the doctor and want him to fix us. How often do you hear people say ‘my doctor’s trying this’. Instead of ‘I’m making changes to my daily life because my body was telling me I needed to’.

Our bodies talk to us all the time, daily, in a million different ways. There was an ad years ago for headache tablets that said ‘pain is nature’s warning’ unfortunately it followed with ‘if pain persists see your doctor’. ‘Your’ doctor. We’ve created a system where we’re so dependent on the ‘health’ system telling us what we need that we’ve got a personal relationship with the local GP ….or in some cases it’s ‘my specialist said…’

There is a time for going to the doctors, but instead of it being for the 10% of times that we need trained help, we’ve let it become 90% of the time we feel anything is not right in our bodies but we want somebody else to fix our lifestyle mistakes.

We need to truly listen to our bodies and make the changes they suggest. Learn the language your body speaks. Use movement to find your body’s way to be the most optimal it can be. There are so many small things we can tweak in our lives with natural systems ourselves. Be aware. Listen. Be empowered and take your power back.


Photo by Shauna Eldridge
Photo by Shauna Eldridge

Inspiring food

After gardening the other day I suddenly felt like eating Anzac biscuits….but as many of you know I generally follow a Paleo way of eating, and Anzacs have oats, sugar, and butter….so I adapted the recipe and was really pleasantly surprised at how great they tasted! It made 2 trays of biscuits and by the time I’d put the first tray in the oven the chia had started to thicken the mixture even more which allowed me to roll it into balls and squash it down lightly with the palm of my hand, which made for a more shop-bought biscuit look.

Then I  thought I should try it again before sharing the recipe….just to make sure it worked! I decided I’d make some for my mum who can’t have much honey so I substituted the honey (which was already a substitute for sugar!) back to coconut sugar. Of course this made it a much drier mixture and so I had to add another cup of water. They still tasted great, but not as much as the ones with honey!

So, here’s the recipe with honey if anybody would like to try it, and if you want to substitute anything else go for it!:

Mix 1 cup of almond meal, 1/2 cup each of ground chia, ground sunflower seeds, coconut flour, and coconut. (I ground all these separately in my Thermomix before adding them to a mixing bowl).

Mix 1/2 cup each of macadamia oil and honey, plus 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, and warm slightly. Add 1 teaspoon of bi-carb of soda that has been dissolved in 2 tablespoons of boiling water.

Mix the wet mixture in with the dry ingredients and stir for a few minutes until it thickens enough to roll lightly into small balls which you flatten a bit once they’re placed on the oven tray (you can use a fork but I find the palm of my hand works just as well).

Cook at 160 degrees C until they’re browned – I think it was about 20 minutes. Cool on tray. Enjoy 🙂

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It’s that wonderful time of Summer when you suddenly find you have a glut of some fruits and vegetables – all ripening at once and needing preserving, giving away, or leaving to rot. Obviously I’m not a big fan of leaving anything to rot. I figure by the time I’ve shared the harvest with the birds and insects then I should do all I can to retain the rest for human consumption.

Today it was lemons. I hand juiced over 50 of them, put them into ziplock bags and froze them. I grated some of the rind and did the same thing – pretty sure I’ve done that before and it’s still been ok for muffins etc later on. It was worth a try anyway. The juice is very versatile. I drink the juice of one lemon every morning in warm water, and the juice of two lemons is needed in my very yummy and  popular Raw Vegan Berry ‘Cheesecake’, as well as numerous other recipes!


Next on the agenda is zucchinis, I have 4 already sitting looking at me on the bench. I love that you can use them in sweet or savoury dishes and both Raw and Paleo (my two ways of eating!).  With the temperature tipping to be over 40C for most of the next month I think my emphasis might be on Raw!