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Snake……It’s that scary word that many people fear and where we live all the snakes are highly venomous so it’s understandable to a degree. We’ve lost half a dozen dogs over the years to snakebite, but the latest dogs have been trained (as best we can) to not attack the snakes. I don’t mind the snakes living around the place, as long as they keep out of the way of people and dogs. The exception is when they start lurking around the house yard and verandah, or in the chook house (chicken coop for the Northern Hemisphere people) – when we had chooks (which I plan to re-establish soon!). In those instances I have to hope that my son is around.  In years gone by it was always assumed that you killed the snake, shot it generally, but I’m not a big fan of killing anything unless necessary and he loves snakes and happily picks them up and puts them in a sack to relocate. A bit scary to watch…..at the time his 6’1″ frame is usually standing  in nothing but a pair of shorts and with bare feet, and he’s wielding a broom handle to pin it with so he can grab it…..but otherwise it’s all good.

I can usually tell when there’s a tiger snake lurking around because the frog population which generally hangs off my windows for most of Summer is notably absent.  Around our place it’s usually a tiger snake or a brown snake,  tigers are more nocturnal so I don’t wander around my garden or lawn after dark in Summer. Haven’t had a brown snake here for a couple of years now….maybe they’re just hiding….and that’s ok.

More info at The Australian Museum if you’re interested, just search for tiger snake and eastern brown snake.

tiger snake


Nan & Pop have put sonic snake deterrent devices around their house and it seems to have worked. When you walk into the yard you can hear a slight buzzing sound, like somebody’s hearing aid is not quite right…or your phone’s on vibrate….so I’m not convinced that it’s good to alter the vibrational frequency of the entire house yard  therefore ‘m not implementing them myself, but they do appear to have kept the snakes away for the past two years….

Personally I think the traffic in the cities is more dangerous than the snakes in the country.