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Definitely (and Defiantly) Loved

Life has been busy here, many guests staying over the past few months, and farm and family and work all ensuring my days are never empty! I’m very lucky and I am grateful for it every day.

Spring is now officially here and new growth and new life is abundant 🙂 There’s much to be done on a farm and in the garden, and additionally we now have poddy calves to rear. These are all choices of how to spend my time, and I love to have been able to make those choices.

2015-09-03 07.46.25

I rise most days at 4.30am and deliver newspapers for a couple of hours. I often get to see the incredibly magnificent night skies of the Milky Way, the Southern Cross, and many other constellations, and then the most spectacular sunrises.  I truly am blessed.

2015-09-14 05.41.56

I don’t think of myself as a ‘hippie’ a ‘greenie’ a ‘weirdo’ or any other label people tend to put on others, and some probably do apply them to me. For those who don’t know me well though I do try and follow a mixture of a Paleo and Raw Food way of eating; I love Qi Gong and Nia Dance for my exercise; I’m a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils; I clean my house with Ha-Ra products (and no chemicals!); and I love using my Thermomix and food dehydrator to create meals and snacks to not just sustain me but for the pure enjoyment of taste sensations and the creative process.

I also love my oracle and tarot cards and enjoy doing readings for friends and family;  using healing energy to help people; and I like to be aware of the messages the universe may be sending me at any time – particularly via animals and other life forms.

I have also loved having guests stay at my place and have met some truly wonderful people who I would happily count as friends. The last couple of weeks however has thrown up some issues that I’m now addressing.

Firstly my local council has decided to hound me over official registration – which I had been told I didn’t require – but now apparently I do if I serve eggs at all….the same class of registration as a restaurant needs. Now I don’t object so much to the fee – after all it has to pay for the ridiculous top heavy bureaucratic system we have developed. I do object to the amount of paperwork involved and I’m questioning whether I want to spend hours of my precious time on a task that I believe is a ridiculous waste of my time. OK, so stop serving eggs? Maybe….but then I find that only means a slightly different class of permit if I’m still serving cut up fresh fruit….still regular logging of fridge temperature etc…oh, and the fee. I love creating breakfasts for my guests but the only way I can avoid it is to buy it all in already packaged….and not needing refrigeration. I was going to put my prices up for my accommodation, now I’m thinking I’ll leave the cost as it is and maybe just make breakfast a free option. If I’m not charging, but just sharing my food with friends, maybe that’s a loophole? Watch this space for the verdict.

This is the ‘old’ menu:

breakfast menu

The second issue which arose was feedback by one of my recent guests. A lovely couple whose only fault from my perspective was arriving over an hour earlier than check in time while I was still trying to clean and organise the rooms after guests that left earlier that day. The feedback they wrote on airbnb however upset me more than it should and I stewed over it for days because the use of the words ‘unloved’ was completely unfair in my opinion. Her feedback was that first impressions count, and she did say how much they enjoyed their stay in every other way but that the first impression from the outside was that it was ‘unloved, untidy and with cobwebs’.  Untidy and with cobwebs I can live with. I don’t use chemicals and try to keep a natural balance with the natural ecological system. The spiders keep the mosquito population down, the frogs love the spiders, the birds love the spiders and the frogs….etc etc…and I have heaps of bird and insect life in my garden. Another aspect of my life that I love.

I also live on a farm, on a dirt road. I’m pretty sure I have better things to do with my time than spend it all trying to keep ALL the dust away from the outside of my home, although I do brush the old cobwebs off regularly. The ‘untidy’ part is possibly the ‘weeds’ in the garden – feed for the wild bird population, the dog beds, and the lineup of shoes because we try to limit the amount of dirt in the house by taking our shoes off outside. The inside is different, that I do make sure is clean and tidy in the guest and living areas.

This is the front of my home the week that the review was written, you can judge it, or you can just accept it as is, I LOVE it:


Rant over…decision to do less B&B and more doTERRA oils….and maybe more blogs….I like writing.

A slight delay

I was a bit shocked to notice that I hadn’t written anything here for over 8 months….time and life get away sometimes and you suddenly realise that you haven’t been doing something you enjoy. It’s so easy to get caught in the rut of daily life, paying bills, maintaining a home, keeping up with your ‘responsibilities’….and some of the things  you enjoy doing (which hold no recognised productivity gain in our society) get pushed back until you find it’s been a long time since you read a good book, made a quilt or written a blog.

So time to start it again. Whether anyone reads it or not, I still enjoy writing it 🙂

I’ve been fortunate to have spent most of the Winter season of the previous 4 years in a warmer climate somewhere. This year I went on a trip to Peru but it was earlier and I was home by 6th June, so I’ve been experiencing our very cold winter firsthand this year! The lovely series of valleys that form the Upper Murray area are graced by very little winter wind – so no cold gusts cutting through you as they do further down the road. It does mean, however, that we get frosts, and fog that just sits….and sits….and sits….for days on end….no sunshine or sky showing all day, after day, after day. I may be exaggerating, sometimes it only goes for 3 days and then we get a break for a day or so before it rolls back in. We certainly rejoice when the sun makes an appearance as it instantly warms up quite significantly, but there’s beauty in the silence of the fog, in the mists that swirl and create hazy circles around lights. And when they can create some beautiful sunsets and sunrises….for those of us up early enough to witness them. 🙂

2015-06-28 11.52.22

2015-06-22 17.14.10

2015-06-28 15.57.12

There’s a Falcon that’s become a local resident on the farm. Often sitting on a fencepost in my driveway, and Wendy was able to get some great photos of it looming out from the fog, to share with me.

2015-06-13 19.52.21

The days are short but they encourage creative pursuits – ones that can be done in a warm home before or after work. Sewing, reading, dancing, studying, catching up on Game of Thrones 🙂

And suddenly the shortest day has been and gone and the mornings are starting to be brighter, the days infinitesimally longer, and buds starting to appear on flowers. A stirring happens within our bodies, a slow awakening of energy that produces more motivation to get things done. One day there is a need to look at the garden, to prune,  to think about getting garden beds ready for planting. On another day thoughts of spring cleaning or brightening the decor or painting furniture begin to seep into the conscious mind.

I love all the seasons, although not a fan of being very hot or very cold, I find it’s very simple to find somewhere warm or cool when needed. There’s something magical about a bonfire on a cold night and so this is certainly a good time of the year for them! We’re very blessed that way living here.

2015-06-06 19.49.14